more insane theology

Have you heard for Brian McLaren?   Dangerous man. 

 he says:

Here’s how I expressed the issue in the last chapter of A New Kind of Christianity:
As we’ve seen, the term Christianity (like its cousin orthodoxy) has too often camouflaged something quite foreign to Christ and his message, something that is more the problem than the solution: a fusion of Greek philosophy and Roman power, alloyed or adorned with elements drawn from the Bible, which is interpreted and applied in ways that often betray Jesus’ life and teaching. Its defenders have unofficially mandated that when people try to modify that Greco-Roman orthodoxy, they must wear an adjective that brands them as aberrant, like a scarlet “A” sewn on their soul. For example, when theologians read the Bible through the lens of the Exodus narrative, they are called “liberation theologians,” but their counterparts who read it through the Greco-Roman narrative are never labeled “domination theologians” or “colonization theologians.” Similarly, we have “black theology” and “feminist theology,” but Greco-Roman orthodoxy is never called “white theology” or “male theology.” Having become utterly normative for most of us, it’s just “theology.” (p. 256)

I don't get these guys...McClaren is a white man!   I mean, we try to do the Christian thing, and let the others in, and now they want to act as if they have the same privileges as us! And he says that's OK!!!

What do you think?

Here is his whole blog, from which I took the above quote, and you can see the context by hitting the links there.  But I'm telling you!!!  Don't let your friends of color read this!!!   Your relationship may never be the same again!


I have often wondered if Wikipedia is a good idea. 

OK as a forum, perhaps, but every time i see it quoted or cited in an online debate, I worry, as it almost seems like mob rule come to definitions.   and defining something is the way to control the actions within a society.

so, now, my fears have been shown to have some basis, in this blog by James Marsh


Scandalous theology

read this article, and tell me what you think. 

The audacity of saying that prostitutes and sex slaves might have insights into the nature of God, and even exegesis from the bible that the church could learn from, prove these authors are insane.


the social Justice debate goes Galactic

You may have heard some of Glenn Beck's comments regarding his advice to leave your church if they mention the words "Social Justice" .  He certainly mirrors many people who say Jesus is Lord.  Sadly, even as I have tried to listen, I get amazed at his ability to twist Scripture.  Then I am amazed that no one seems to want to refute him.

I was glad when I learned two things: 

1) That the Sojourner's blogosphere has stepped up to argue, including an offer by Jim Wallis, to have a face to face dialogue.

2) That Beck is Mormon.  Not that I want to dis Mormons.  I am just glad that the shame I felt when I thought him a fellow Evangelical or Catholic Christian is alleviated.

to keep it light, the folks at Sojourner's with way too much time on their hands, have taken actual unmanipulated statements by Glenn and Jim, and have created this April Fool's Video:  funny and poignant