Vindication for a persistent mother


This just came out over the international press


It is the final vindication for Ana Escobar, who we met back in October, as she searched for her stolen baby among the children in our home. (see blog)


She never gave up in the face of public ridicule and official indifference.


We are so happy for Ana. In an understatement, she called it a miracle. Nothing less. And she had stormed heaven's gates, pleading for a miracle for a full year, even as she wandered the streets and the web of hogares in search of her daughter. The final breakthrough occurred during a time of prayer and fasting. The press called it a hunger strike. I guess you could call it that when we stop eating till God hears us.

Ana represents a number of women, many of whom will never regain their child. Unless more miracles occur.

Justice, sadly happens in spite of the system here, rather than because of it.

Let's pray and fast for further miracles here. We need many more before we can say that there is justice in Guatemala.